Plenary session. Triangle of modern retail: retail chain, marketplace and manufacturer. How to maximize the benefits of interaction and doing business with each other?

  • Launching of new products. What can and should be done by market players in a new way in order to speed up the process of launching a new product to the market and get more precise into demand?
  • Product digital profile. What are priorities for the investment? How to increase customer awareness of the product in all sales channels?
  • Analytics and data. What are the new features to get the dynamics of sales, prices, balances, losses online and offline faster and more accurately?
  • How can retailers and manufacturers through joint efforts reduce the costs associated with waste recycling? How to develop customer loyalty to the brand by installing drop-off spots for plastic / batteries, refusing plastic bags, etc.?
  • Latest news on online and offline sales regulations. What exactly does the commercial department need to know and what to demand from internal support services?
14 november, 12:30 – 13:45