Roundtable. The negotiation process and the interaction between a retail chain and a manufacturer during the signing of the supply contract. Answers to the most difficult questions

Changes on the consumer market set dozens of new challenges to each link in the entire supply chain. Now a completely different effort is needed, not only to smoothly interact, but also to increase sales and a profit.

«Retailer» block

  • How does the supplier selection process go today?
  • Commercial offer from the retailer's point of view: errors and difficulties.

«Manufacturer» block

  • How to adapt the commercial policies of a supplier to the most urgent needs of a retail chain and its customers?
  • Collaborations, strategic partnerships and contract production. Successful practices.

«Business Communications» block

  • Modern negotiation practice. What is the right way to communicate and understand the partner? How to competently and through joint efforts transform approaches in order to increase profits?
15 november, 10:30 – 12:00