Ilya Yaroshenko
President, Baon
Ilya Yaroshenko
About the speaker
Ilya Anatolyevich was born in 1971 in the city of Weimar (GDR). After graduating from school, he entered the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and in the fourth year began to seriously engage in business, including ordering clothes. The first sales were in the categories closest to him in hobbies - clothing for alpine skiing and snowboarding, models for active winter and summer holidays.

Yaroshenko developed the brand into a powerful retailer in the middle price segment: the brand is represented on all leading multi-brand online platforms (Wildberries, Lamoda, OZON), in his own online store and offline - in his own retail and network of partner stores. BAON today is several thousand models of women's, men's and children's clothing in casual style, hundreds of thousands of loyal customers and a high level of brand awareness.

Yaroshenko is seriously involved in athletics, is a regular participant in marathons and a series of long-distance triathlon Ironman competitions. Ilya Anatolyevich is sure that sport helps to form the right attitude towards achieving the set goals. Can share experiences and tell how to “run long distances” winning in life and business. His business has been successful for almost 30 years.