10:00 — 10:30
Открытие бизнес форума. Коммерческая служба, отвечающая вызовам экономики эмоций

Как должна работать современная коммерческая служба в сети и как строить отношения с партнерами.

Rinat Muhametvaleev, Retail Expert

Alexey Filatov, Founder, BBCG and Retail Academy

10:30 — 12:00
Plenary session. How do the economics of emotion change the process of buying and consuming in practice? What needs to be changed in the sales strategy and practice?
  • New consumption values and changes in consumer behavior. What are modern consumers ready to pay for?
  • How to adapt your sales strategy if the emotions received from communication with the brand become more important than the purchase itself? What needs to be changed in the operational processes? How to use triggers to influence customer buying behaviors?
  • What does the economics of emotion change in the supply chain and the relations of its participants?

Денис Бабаев, основатель и генеральный директор, «Фреш Фрост»

Наталия Боброва, коммерческий директор, Paola Ray, АО «Стокманн»
Почему скидки не работают и что нужно современным покупателям.

Vladimir Korchagov, Vice President, Askona

Марина Синило, руководитель направления GfK Sales Effectiveness компании GfK Rus

Alexey Filatov, Founder, BBCG and Retail Academy

15:00 — 16:30
Private roundtable and design session for retail chains and manufacturers top managers

*Invitations only

The latest important events in the life of commercial departments will be discussed in a private club format with top managers of the largest retail chains and production top managers.
Next, participants will break into three working groups, discuss each of their areas and prepare presentations on the results (optionally).

Topics for the design groups :

  1. Speeding up decision-making in commercial departments. Accessibility, transparency and motivation in decision-making.
  2. Healthy lifestyle and a world without plastic in commercial projects. How to use new customer needs and make the world and business better?
  3. Collaborations: opportunities for new businesses, modern retail chains and production.

Наталия Боброва, коммерческий директор, Paola Ray, АО «Стокманн»

Maxim Genke, Managing Director for Marketing and Commerce, Hoff

Леонид Ким, руководитель коммерческого отдела, «Магнолия»

Лидия Макшейн, независимый директор и консультант

Vyacheslav Medvedev, Deputy Director-General for Commercial Affairs, Home Market

Кирилл Непомнящий, управляющий директор (Россия и Восточная Европа), BeMyEye (резидент Сколково)

Михаил Резников, коммерческий директор, кондитерское объединение Славянка

Kirill Tereschenko, CEO, Kotanyi Rus GmbH

Михаил Толоконников, коммерческий директор, «Утконос»

Alexey Filatov, Founder, BBCG and Retail Academy

Йенс Фрерихс, директор по закупкам, ООО «Зельгрос»

14 november