Магазин Forever 2020


II annual forum МАГАЗИН FOREVER 2020 about the Brick & Mortar Store and its new life in the digital world

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Магазин Forever is a unique platform where experts from all retail branches meet: food and fashion, DIY and beauty, household and pharma. All stores are different, but the customer is the same! Therefore, the experience of every sector is invaluable in its own way!

Beyond doubt, that success increasingly depends on the experience and solutions, which the store offers to a customer "spoiled" by the "wow effects" of the digital world. Therefore, the main question we have to answer is "How to realize all needs of the customer in the brick & mortar based on his omni-channel experience?"

You will know:

  • What is the ideal brick & mortar for offline and E-com? Main components of the new store.
  • How do triggers and neuromarketing work? Innovative Store Fitting solutions.
  • Digest of the solutions how to attract the traffic.
  • How to optimize the available space of the store?
  • HR solutions how to motivate and inspire staff to work for new purposes.

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  • Heads of Development and Innovations;
  • Heads of Retail;
  • Format & Project Directors;
  • Marketing directors and management responsible for CX;
  • Technology vendors for modern brick & mortar and retail.