Excursion to Carrefour City (Belgium)

Carrefour: "We all deserve the best." From a marketing slogan to a way of thinking.

Within Online Retail Russia Goes, Europe will take a tour in the Belgian Carrefour City.

Why Carrefour City?

Trends in the retail industry transformirovalsya with exponential speed. The concept of Product Centric is replaced by the concept of Client Centric, ethics, sustainability stands at the head of the table, digital transformation sweeps with market players, ignoring the introduction of digital.

The leaders of the retail business compete in the integration of innovative techniques.

Retail giant Carrefour market – as a representative of the advanced techniques – develop your business focusing on a number of strategic principles:

  • the synergy between internal departments and the optimization of human capital;
  • simplification of internal business operations;
  • the development of fatal omniconnect;
  • sharing models of thinking, sharpened to a reasonable consumption and Agroecology.

Find out what delegates - the participants of the excursion to Carrefour City?

Delegates will have the opportunity to meet personally with the results of the eco-policy of Carrefour, visited on the part of the retailer, developing this concept and the end user directed towards this ethical responsibility. In Carrefour global challenges - solutions for the protection of biodiversity, support animal welfare, the formula "Breeding without antibiotics", the fight against deforestation in the result of soybean production, free range poultry, etc.

These revolutionary steps were the key to the formation of a new model of production and consumption. Their principles Carrefour promotes among clients, and the status of the company (Carrefour is the fifth largest retail chains in the world) allows you to broadcast its ideology on the entire market as a whole.

Visit Carrefour City within the framework of the excursion program includes:

  • a unique expertise
  • a practical introduction to innovation of modern retail
  • fruitful networking with colleagues from industry

Details about the tour:
Natalya Karaman, n.karaman@b2bcg.ru