Excursion to the Nike centre (Brussels) for the participants of the Online Retail Russia

The world of high technology Nike: innovative logistics

Within ORR2020 in Brussels delegates of the forum will take part in a sightseeing trip to the Nike campus logistics.

Today, when ecology and the digitalization topping the list must be trending any business, the retail sector is actively expanding its capabilities, investing in innovation. Distribution center Nike "The Court", a visit which will take place June 19, was opened in 2019 and became a strategically important part of the European logistics campus at Nike, open company almost 30 years ago.

Currently, "The Court" serves wholesale and retail customers, as well as – with the introduction of big digital is actively used for implementation of online ordering consumers.

Ethics and the approaches Nike has carried out a revolutionary concept, key features of which were:

- using 100% renewable energy;

- the generation of energy from five local sources: wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric and biomass.

- expansion of logistical capabilities: in addition to rail and road infrastructure includes a network of channels that allows 99% of incoming containers to get to the local container Park on the water. This eliminates approximately 14,000 truck trips each year, reducing the associated carbon emissions.

- processing more than 95% of waste generated on site (for example, paths used by employees around the object, made from recycled Shoe material).

Will hold a big review welcome Ben Bedgood, who is in Nike position managing unit logistic innovation & training center.