Mark Zavadskiy
Managing Director, Ricky Group of Companies, Academician of the Retail Academy, Private Investor
группа компаний Рики
Mark Zavadskiy
About the speaker
Mark Zavadsky manages the Riki group of companies, the leading animation company in Russia, the owner of the brands Smeshariki, Fiksiki, Malyshariki, Bodo Borodo and a number of other projects.

Prior to joining Ricky, Mark Zavadsky headed the Russian office of Alibaba (Aliexpress) and also worked as vice president for the development of digital and ecosystem services of the largest Russian bank Sberbank, including responsible for the development of lifestyle and media services.

Zavadsky also advised the Russian office of Huawei and a number of Russian companies on digital transformation and e-commerce development, headed the supervisory board of (since March 2021 Sbermegamarket)

In 2017 and 2018, Zavadsky was among the top 10 best CEOs in the retail sector in the rating of the Russian Academy of Managers.

Zavadsky has repeatedly spoken at major forums in Russia and the world, including the St. Petersburg Economic Forum and the China Davos Forum.

Zavadsky graduated from Moscow State University and Peking University with a degree in Chinese language and economics, and more than 10 years before joining Alibaba, he worked as a journalist in Asia and developed his own consulting business.