Andrey Polonchuk
e-Commerce Director, Svyaznoy/Euroset
Andrey Polonchuk
About the speaker

Andrey Polonchuk joined Svyaznoy team in 2017. He is responsible for the entire omnichannel sales model in the joint company — in the online store, mobile application, and in electronic catalogs; also he develops internet logistics.

Andrey has 11 years of experience in building online and omnichannel sales, internet and multichannel projects, service and logistics processes; 14 years of management experience and experience in implementing complex business, IT, and logistics projects in FMCG, grocery, consumer electronics markets in B2C and B2B segments.

Prior to Svyaznoy, he held managing positions in e-commerce at Instamart, Utkonos, Komus, Ion Digital Center.

He graduated from the State University of Management, Moscow State Industrial University, and the Higher School of Economics.