Ekaterina Luzhnykh
Country Manager for Sustainability and Community Engagement Coca-Cola HBC Russia
Coca-Cola HBC Россия
Ekaterina Luzhnykh
About the speaker
At Coca-Cola HBC Russia, Ekaterina is responsible for developing a country strategy for sustainable development and interaction with local communities and implementing complex projects in collaboration with government authorities, NGOs and key clients. In addition, Ekaterina is responsible for public non-financial reporting. Ekaterina started her career at Coca-Cola HBC Russia in 2015. Before moving to her current role, Ekaterina held various positions in the center of sustainable development and was responsible both for the formation of all public non-financial reporting and assessment of the socio-economic contribution, and for the implementation of social projects within several key areas: education and development of youth, development of an inclusive society, providing humanitarian assistance and developing corporate volunteering.

Ekaterina graduated with honors from the St. Petersburg State University with a degree in International Relations, and also received a Master's degree in International Business from the St. Petersburg State Economic University and Braunschweig Technical University (Germany). She also studied at the Institute of Political Science in Lille (Sciences Po, France).