Natalia Beneslavskaya
Sustainability Leader, IKEA
IKEA Russia
Natalia Beneslavskaya
About the speaker
IKEA is one of the most recognized brands among furniture retail chains. The mission of the IKEA company is to change the lives of many people for the better. Caring for people and the planet is a natural part of the IKEA business.

Natalia has twelve years of versatile experience in environmental protection, both in the non-profit environmental environment and in environmental consulting.
In 2009, Natalya graduated from the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University named after Bonch-Bruyevich with a degree in Foreign Economic Activity. Natalia's thesis was devoted to the analysis of companies' approach to CSR (corporate social responsibility of business) in different countries.

In 2008 Natalya started working in St. Petersburg in the environmental organization Greenpeace Russia as a fundraising project manager. For several years of work in the organization, Natalia changed several positions and contributed to the work with supporters and volunteers of Greenpeace, coordination of the St. Petersburg branch of the organization, and also gained an understanding of the main environmental problems and possible solutions.

In 2012 Natalia joined the Ernst & Young team in the Sustainable Development Services Division. Natalia's responsibilities included writing sustainability reports, conducting audits of non-financial reporting, and developing eco-consulting projects. This experience provided insight into the workings of the commercial sector.

Natalia also had a chance to live for several months in Malaysia and for about a year in Indonesia, doing private business and participating in the organization of a conference on sustainable development. This gave Natalia an interest in studying other cultures and the ability to express herself in Indonesian.

Natalia joined IKEA in 2014 and was responsible for the sustainable development of the IKEA Distribution Service. Responsibilities included improving the sustainability of the company's distribution center and supply chain, as well as charitable initiatives. Natalya managed to bring sustainable development work in this part of the IKEA business to a new level.

In 2017, Natalya became the head of the Sustainable Development Department of IKEA in Russia. Together with the team, they work to make the lifestyle of IKEA shoppers healthier and greener, to introduce a cyclical economy and reduce the burden on the climate, to increase the level of fairness in society and equal access to resources and opportunities.